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We understand that the patient’s safety and health rely on a successfully implemented Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS).  Therefore, every implementation receives a Taylor Made Solution that is unique to the organization with the patient’s safety as a top priority.

We’ll provide project management services to implement and optimize EHR to meet your goals and initiatives.  Additionally, Taylor Made Solutions can configure all of your systems so they work together as a finely-tuned machine which may reduce wait times and improve efficiency.

Taylor Made Solutions EHR implementation

EHR project management - Implementation

We will

  • Complete an assessment: Determine what is needed for your implementation.
  • Help selecting a certified EHR: Map your needs to the product that is within your budget.
  • Build the infrastructure: Install hardware that meets your specific needs.
  • Guide you through scheduling: Create a rollout and provider schedule.
  • Createquality-assurance guidelines and workflows: Test software and design workflows that improve efficiency.
  • Configure the software: Define roles, create access levels and user accounts.
  • Train staff: Train staff on software features.
  • Implement software: Deploy the software while providing technical support.
  • Interoperability / Health Information Exchange (HIE): Securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically.
  • Evaluate and optimize the system: Review deployment and make improvements.
  • Contingency Plan: Contingency plan according to the NIST Special Publication.

Benefits Include

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Improved Patient Safety
  • Improved Care Coordination
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increase Patient Participation
  • Improved Diagnostics & Patient Outcomes
  • Improved accessibility to Patient Records
  • Improved Productivity
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