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Lean Process Improvement

We use Lean Six Sigma to improve the workflow and efficiency in healthcare organizations. Lean combined with our mobile surveys can considerably improve your business.

Lean management principles have been applied successfully in manufacturing processes for decades.Lean is an improvement method that focuses on identifying and eliminating non–value-added or wasteful activities.Value is defined from the customer’s or patient’s perspective. At its core, Lean is about respect for people and continuous quality improvement. Lean incorporates the notion of freeing up resources and redeploying them back into the organization to accomplish valuable tasks, allowing organizations to do more with the same resources. Lean is more than just a set of tools or improvement practices—its purpose is to fundamentally change how people within an organization think and what they value and thus can transform how the entire organization behaves and approachesits work.[1]

Taylor Made Solutions Lean Process Efficiency

We will work with your team to create the following

  • Concise and measurable problem statement
  • Cause and effect analysis to discover possible factors and their outcomes
  • Root cause analysis to assist in identifying the cause
  • Counter measures to correct the problem
  • Timelines that include start, target and finish times
  • Illustrations of data-driven-counter measures
  • Standardization with visuals that show the step-by-step process

Taylor Made Solutions Team Work and Collaboration


  • Eliminate waste
  • Fewer staff members
  • Less rework and processing
  • Less overtime
  • Increased number of patient encounters
  • Improved morale
  • Improved quality
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency in admission, collection, turnaround, triage, wait, dispensing and examination room times. [2]